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Wedding Dress Trends for 2017

Do you want to surprise your wedding guests? Choose a fairy tale from TM "Sunny Princess", which will make you a wow-effect, and will look amazing on your wedding photos. We create a fabulous style of these wedding products. At first glance the image is still modest, but it shows an exquisite design that will amaze your guests. Our designers were inspired by the designs of the best Italian designers.

If you want to marry an alternative wedding dress, you will like the collection of this season - bold, colorful, floral prints offered by the "Sunny Princess" trademark. Regardless of whether you choose a universal design or a model from the latest collection, we promise that you will leave your guests lifeless and delighted.

Trend in the style of a wedding dress - Lviv

Colored wedding dresses are the most popular in this year 2017. There are no more brides left who can choose only between ivory and white, now you can choose between different shades: from luxurious blue, to powder pink and decadent gold. Most often, these colorful wedding dresses accentuate the beautiful details, and also pay attention to innovative colors. A well-chosen decoration will complement your complex outfit and create a full-fledged wedding image.

We with great pleasure create beautifully decorated, beautifully sewn and unrealistically high-quality dresses, that your holiday will remain in your memories for all subsequent years of married life. After all, every created dress from TM "Sunny Princess" is a new story!