Collection MAXIMA


It's no secret that every bride wants to be the most beautiful, the most elegant and stylish. This is a natural desire. And nothing prevents you from making this dream come true.

The wedding dress is a symbol of the wedding ceremony - one of the decisive moments in the life of any woman. For a lot of brides, a wedding dress becomes the key to a successful marriage and to a successful family creation. Many women and girls are trying to choose a wedding image so that it becomes a symbol of a happy and long married life.

On this website you are invited to browse the catalog of elegant, bright and memorable design models of wedding dresses in Lviv that suit every self-respecting girl or woman.

Collection "MAXIMA" - this is what you need for girls who are looking for a note of aristocracy in the choice of wedding attire. In our catalog you will find a variety of unique offers, which so perfectly fit in the color and style of the city of Lviv.

This collection is a catalog of models of wedding dresses that will satisfy your desires and perfectly fit for the price. Wedding dresses "MAXIMA" in Lviv represent sophisticated solutions, light colors, spring-summer models, light open and modest tailoring. Our new catalog is created so that every young bride chooses the outfit that will emphasize all her best aspects. Here are presented both classical models of lush, ball dresses, mermaid, straight, and straight, and combined unique models that can be found only in the wedding salon SUNNY PRINCESS in Lviv.

Uniqueness and refinement in combination with creative design solutions, application of fashion trends of 2017 make our new collection noticeable for each bride.